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Shorten time-to-value by accelerating every stage throughout the innovation pipeline

The Architecture

HyperXSpace: A Full-spectrum Environment for Rapid Development, Test, Certification, and Deployment of Advanced Multi-Agent Systems

Modernize your development and testing process with simulation.
Leverage our container-based open architecture to boost your innovation today.


Features & Advantages

Shorten Your Project's Time-to-Market via A Rapid Development Pipeline for Autonomous Systems and Endless Smart Applications for the Future

Game Designer

Develop in a Quicker and Easier Manner

Cut up to 90% of development time

  • You can excel in your most preferred coding language thanks to the docker-based development environment​

  • Virtualisation technology brings improved code portability: Code once, deploy across multiple platforms

  • Shortcut your development with loaded templates and modules

Seamlessly Integrate Modules to Your Projects

Increase your efficiency

  • Creat your own libraries for easy asset management

  • Load your usual assets and modules into your libraries to avoid repetitive work

  • Leverage the marketplace to add new assets to your libraries that could help shortcut your development and cope with technological unfamiliarity

App Screens

Reliable Tests Saving Time and Money

Conduct simulations to replace field tests whenever and wherever you want

  • Integrated Hardware-in-the-Loop and Software-in-the-Loop simulation paradigms for maximized test reliability

  • Integrated Human-in-the-Loop to simulate human intervention factors

  • Manipulate the simulated scenarios to emulate various conditions to meet every testing need

12 drones.jpg

Pursuit the AI Gold Rush

AI training requires a ton of datasets, and HyperXSpace has the solution

  • Easily generate sufficient datasets based on various scenarios

  • Integrate trained algorithms into the same scenarios for incremental testing and learning

procedural texturing.gif

Maximize AI Training with Minimum Effort

A hyper-realistic simulation environment that is highly customizable

Minimize your efforts contributed to scenario creation and use the same 3D model to generate various datasets through:​

  • The procedural texturing technique

  • The lighting system to get diverse effects and datasets

  • The configuration of any other parameters

Build your Apps for Endless Use Cases

HyperXSpace: One platform for unlimited possibilities

  • HyperXSpace is optimized for the development of multi-agent and autonomous systems

  • The modular platform based on virtualization technology is fit for developing and testing any general mobile apps, especially those for IoT and edge computing

Image by Takashi Watanabe

Improved User Experience with Advanced Visualization

Natively compatible with AR, VR, and MR technology

  • Based on the Unreal game engine, HyperXSpace is natively compatible with the advanced visualization interfaces.

  • ​Native simulation of first-person view for UX and UI tweaking of AR interfaces within VR environments

  • A great marketing tool to create lively technology demonstrations and showcases


Interested in the Platform?

Contact us now to book a moment talking with us for your customized project needs.

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